The following text is also available in Armenian. The CAIA’s Health Advocacy & Outreach Officer, Scarlet Sarksan, can help you in the following ways:

Home Visits

Arrange home/hospital visits to discuss your health and care needs and advise. Especially if you are too sick or frail to travel yourself or are busy looking after someone. You are welcome to telephone and request such a visit any time.

Advice Surgeries

Obtain health and care advice in Hayashen. This can be provided by either coming to see the Health Officer on Friday afternoons between 1.30 – 2.30 p.m. or by making an appointment in advance to avoid disappointment or delays. Please inform us of any cancellation or delay.

Help With Access

Offer support to improve access to statutory health and care provisions from the NHS and local authorities, including:

  • Link up with your GP, dentist, optician, district nurse, clinic, chiropodist, hospitals, social workers and any other health/care professional, so that problems are identified early and addressed.
  • Help registering or change of GP.
  • Arranging interpretations for your GP/hospital or other appointments.
  • Deal with problems of transport for hospital or other appointments.
  • Help register as disabled with social services, make referrals to other community groups for support.


  • Contact health professionals about any specific health needs.
  • Make complaints about health/care services on a confidential basis. This includes helping individuals write letters, making telephone calls and speaking on your behalf.

Health Promotion

Arrange for you to attend and participate in health promotional workshops/events in Hayashen to improve your knowledge of looking after yourself and help you age healthily.

Other Procedures

In order to provide the above services efficiently for your benefit we recommend you observe the following rules and regulations. Please read this carefully and co-operate with us to carry it out.

  • Clients must produce any relevant information / documentation / records concerned with their enquiry / personal circumstances.
  • Clients are responsible to notify the Health Advocacy & Outreach Officer of any changes in circumstance; change of address/telephone, your GP or particular illness, etc.
  • The Health Advocacy &Outreach Officer will on the first instance diagnose your needs and only after that recommend a course of action, which she will undertake only after your approval. In the event that you instruct her to act on your behalf she will only do so in consultation with you to avoid any misunderstanding. If you do not co-operate with the Health Advocacy & Outreach Officer honestly and diligently, we reserve the right to refuse any further assistance. Lack of cooperation includes but is not limited to, breaking our rules of confidentiality, use of abusive language, endangering or threatening the safety of CAIA staff.
  • Clients who require specific facilities such as interpretation / transport / home visit should notify the office at least 48 hours in advance.

Other Support

Refer your other needs such as housing, welfare, and immigration to CAIA’s advisory services.


The CAIA provides free, confidential and independent information and advice. All services users/clients are advised to respect these aims.

Upcoming Events

See the upcoming Advisory Service Events.