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Admiral Nursing DIRECT is our national dementia specialist helpline and email service,

The social care system can appear very complex and trying to make sense of the rules and jargon can be difficult.This section aims to provide you with useful information on the different types of care, to make it easier for you to find care for yourself or on behalf of someone else. Whether you are looking for help at home or are considering a move to a residential home, the information in this section aims to simplify matters for you.

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Dementia Connect (DC) is Alzheimer’s Society’s online services directory for anyone affected by dementia.

Information on the risk factors for falling. How to prevent and recover from a fall. Information on the services available in Hounslow to offer advice and practical support.

Dementia UK provides helpful guidance on services and support for carers and for people living with dementia.

Care and support is changing for the better.

Information and advice on work, training, education and volunteering opportunities.

This guide explains what you need to know if you choose to take your personal budget as a direct payment to make your own care and support arrangements. Taking a direct payment gives you control over the money available to pay for the services you need.

If you need help with searching for information or services please see our help guide

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