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Admiral Nursing DIRECT is our national dementia specialist helpline and email service,

Dementia Connect (DC) is Alzheimer’s Society’s online services directory for anyone affected by dementia.

When a family member is managing your money for you, or for another family member, concerns can crop up. Often the problems can be easily sorted out.

Even if you’re able to manage your money yourself now, it can be worthwhile thinking about who’d help you if you couldn’t do it any more.

Dementia UK provides helpful guidance on services and support for carers and for people living with dementia.

Care and support is changing for the better.

As we get older, health issues and reduced mobility can often make daily life more challenging. No matter how independent you want to be, the time may come when you need to think about the long-term-care services available to you.

Information and advice on making your home safe and easier to move around.

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