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If you know that you’re going to find it more difficult to manage your money in the future, it’s a good idea to get some measures in place now so that someone else will be able to do it for you

Do you need someone to manage money for you – for example to use it to help someone after your death, or to pay for your care later on? One way to do this is to put the money into a trust.

Most people have a positive experience of the care they receive but problems sometimes occur and you may want to make a complaint. Whether the care is provided at home or in a care home, or you’ve bought a care product such as a mobility aid, it’s important to know your rights.

Being a trustee is often an important way to help a friend or family member. It means you take responsibility for money that’s been set aside in a trust for someone else. You’ll manage the money for them, only use it in their best interest and obey the rules of the trust.

This guide explains what you need to know if you choose to take your personal budget as a direct payment to make your own care and support arrangements. Taking a direct payment gives you control over the money available to pay for the services you need.

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