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Admiral Nursing DIRECT is our national dementia specialist helpline and email service,

Most of us want to live independent lives in our own homes for as long as possible. The good news is that even if you’re recovering from an illness or a fall, or you need help with your long-term care, there’s a variety of support services available to help you do this.

Dementia Connect (DC) is Alzheimer’s Society’s online services directory for anyone affected by dementia.

Even if you’re able to manage your money yourself now, it can be worthwhile thinking about who’d help you if you couldn’t do it any more.

Dementia UK provides helpful guidance on services and support for carers and for people living with dementia.

Care and support is changing for the better.

Personal budgets are aimed at giving people receiving care and support choice and control over the services they receive.

It can be a real worry to think that a person responsible for someone else’s money might be doing something wrong, or might not be competent. You need to resolve the problem – whether it’s clarifying a misunderstanding, or taking action.

This guide explains what you need to know if you choose to take your personal budget as a direct payment to make your own care and support arrangements. Taking a direct payment gives you control over the money available to pay for the services you need.

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