Activities for the Over 60's in Hounslow - New programme (posted 16 April)

(Published on 08/01/2018)

Happy & Healthy in Hounslow, the council's activity programme for the over 60's has launched an updated activities and events listing.

There are too many activities to list here, but they include:

  • YogaOver 60s Activities Brochure image
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Swimming
  • Theatre
  • Massage Therapy
  • Magical Hands Physical Therapy
  • Yoga & Brain Stimulation
  • Guided Walks
  • Foot Clinic
  • Kurling & Boccia

Activies run at four Sheltered Schemes across the borough (Edward Pauling House, Frogley House, Greenham House and Danehurst) but are open to all Hounslow residents

Download the latest programme here

Find out more about Happy & Healthy here or contact Charlotte Moriba on 020 8583 4643 or email for further information.