Autonomy Assessment Portal

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What is Autonomy?

Autonomy is an online portal provided by the London Borough of Hounslow that enables you to complete a Needs Assessment, Carer’s Needs Assessment and (if you choose) a Financial Assessment. If you have care and support needs (find it difficult to perform everyday living tasks) or look after someone who does, you are entitled to an Assessment under The Care Act 2014.

From your answers to the assessment questions, Autonomy will provide information on Council services that can be accessed directly, local providers, voluntary organisations, community groups and other sources of support and advice. This information may be all you need but if you choose, you can submit your assessment/s directly to the council’s First Contact Team, simply and securely, to find out if you are eligible for further help and/or funding support. Assessment is an essential step - support and funding cannot be considered without it.

You may fill in the form yourself or someone may complete it on your behalf. If you need help to complete any of the assessments, you may be entitled to ask for an advocate to assist you.

What is a Needs Assessment?


What is a Carer's Needs Assessment?


What is a Financial Assessment?

(for a Needs Assessment only - Carers are not assessed financially in Hounslow)


What will happen after you complete an online Assessment?

After you have answered the Assessment questions, Autonomy will will ask for your name and email address. The portal will then email you a code which you will need to finish your submission securely and confidentially.

After we have received your Assessment, a member of the First Contact Team will contact you within 5 working days (if you do not hear from them within this time, please call 020 8583 3100 or email). They will ask a few more questions about your situation, what you think you need and what you would like to happen. Every situation is different and the services we may provide will depend on individual circumstances but in all cases, you will receive written confirmation of what is agreed with details of any financial contribution expected from you.

If you disagree with the outcome of your Needs or Carer’s Needs Assessment or the way your financial contribution has been calculated, you can contact the First Contact Team to ask for the decision to be reviewed.

Click here to access the Autonomy Assessment Portal

Each assessment takes approximately 10 minutes (longer if you wish to give more detailed answers). Assessments do not need to be completed in one go – you can save them and return at any time within 30 days. Please remember to click save at least every 20 minutes to prevent your answers being lost in the event of a browser crash or ‘time out’.

Important: If you are in crisis, at serious risk of harm or feel you cannot cope right now, please call the First Contact Team rather than completing an Autonomy Assessment.