What is a Carer's Needs Assessment?

If you give regular care to an elderly or physically or mentally disabled adult or child, it is often easy to neglect your own needs, health and wellbeing.

You are entitled under The Care Act 2014, to receive a Carer’s Needs Assessment to identify areas in which you may need assistance and to put you in touch with sources of practical, financial and emotional support. Parent Carers of children under the age of 18 are entitled to the same under The Children and Families Act 2014. 

Perhaps there are aspects of care you can no longer physically manage on your own or perhaps you need some time away from your caring role to rest and recharge? A Carer’s Needs Assessment will help us to help you continue in your caring role, as well as signpost local services that may be of assistance.
In Hounslow, Carers are not financially assessed to receive support and so do not need to complete a financial assessment.

More detailed information on Carer's Needs Assessments may be found here.

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Important: If you are in crisis, at serious risk of harm or feel you cannot cope right now, please call the First Contact Team rather than completing a Carer's Needs Assessment via Autonomy.