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How to Use This Site

This guide is focused at citizens using the directory. If you belong to a service and are looking for assistance with completing your service profile, please read our Service FAQ, or download the Completing a Service Profile document.


How to search for services:

In addition to this guide, there is an e-learning video that shows you how to find services and information. This can be viewed from the link below.

Search Demonstration


Setting your local authority


When you select your local authority, you will be shown information pages and news stories specific to you, based on the area you live in. The location will also be automatically set for searches you carry out, so the services displayed will be within your area. The drop down list to select your local authority is visible at the top right of every page.

1) If you know what you're looking for...

Simply enter a keyword or phrase into the search box on the home page. This will bring back any related service providers or information. To switch between the two views, click the Services or Information tab.
Using the "Filter your results" section on the left hand side of the page (see image further down this page for details), you can filter the results to show services that support your local area by entering a location (your postcode works best) and a distance in the "Refine your search" section.

2) If you are unsure about exactly what you are looking for...
You can browse the directory by category. This will guide you through the health and social care topics that CarePlace contains. Categories can result in services and information being returned, but you can pick which to view by selecting the Services or Information tab. You can then narrow down the results using the "Filter your results" section.
If you are still having difficulty finding the information or services you need you can contact CarePlace support.
The refine/filter your results section

How to create a shortlist:

If you search for services (either directly or via the category search) you will see an “add to shortlist” button, on both the search results page, and the service profile page. If you click this button it will place that particular service in your shortlist. (Note: you must have cookies enabled in your browser for this feature to work, if you are unsure about this please read our cookie policy).

The shortlist will remain in-place for 1 year, even if you end your session and close the browser, but it is susceptible to other processes running on your machine (such as deleting or disabling cookies/temporary internet files).

You can view your shortlist anytime by clicking the “my shortlist” link in the CarePlace header.

How to leave feedback about a particular service:

When you view any service profile there is a “leave feedback” button at the top (just above the map). If you click that you will be asked to leave your name, e-mail address and your comment. The feedback will be submitted to the appropriate local authority who may wish to contact you to discuss the matter further.

How to contact a service:

When services join CarePlace they are encouraged to provide contact details so that citizens can contact them directly. Most services either have contact details displayed on the right hand side of their service profile, and/or an “Enquire about this service” button, which enables you to send an e-mail directly to the service from CarePlace.

If neither are displayed, it is most likely that the service provider has not yet joined CarePlace. If there is a link to the service’s own website, you could try to find some contact details there, or try putting the name of the service into a search engine.