Falls Prevention Advice (Hounslow Council)

As we get older, the chances of falling increase and the consequences of a fall become more serious. Falls can lead to a lengthy stay in hospital, increased dependence on family members and carers as well as general reduction in our ability to go about life as normal. We may become less confident, restrict our activities and so become more isolated.

Much can be done to prevent falls or to reduce their impact. Actions you can take to reduce the risk include:

  • Increasing strength and balance with exercise
  • Having regular eye tests
  • Managing your medication properly
  • Eating well and drinking enough water
  • Ensuring that your home is safe and free of obstacles
  • Looking after your feet and wearing suitable footwear
  • Taking advice on bone health
  • Building your confidence back up

Further information on falls prevention may be found here.

Getting help and advice

If you are concerned about falls, you should first speak to you GP who may refer you to one of the specialist services in the Borough including Hounslow Council’s Falls Prevention Assessment Service.

The Falls Prevention Officer can offer practical advice and co-ordinate a number of services including Occupational Therapy, podiatry services, opticians, nutritionists, pharmacists and Telecare services. Further information on the referral pathway may be downloaded here.

For further advice please contact the Falls Prevention Officer by calling 07976 948 204 or by email

Other useful services and links

Advice from NHS Choices on what to do if you fall and tips for prevention

Take a self-assessment test based on the Fall Risk Self Assessment Tool (FRAT) used be Healthcare professionals 

Advice for NHS Choices on maintaining healthy bones in later life

Check your Vitamin D levels and consider a supplement