About Us

Welcome to CarePlace, London's centralised source for care and community services, information and guidance.

First implemented in 2011, designed for London and with the engagement of over half of London’s boroughs, the directory contains thousands of useful services in London and beyond and gives you direct access to information about care and community services. It also contains a wealth of information and guidance on how to source local services and pay for them.

For members of the public (free service):

·         CarePlace provides a Directory of Services, Information and Guidance enabling direct access to local care and community services via a search facility with rating for CQC services that are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

·         You can register and save shortlists of services or bookmark information

·         CarePlace also has tools to help you asses your health and social care needs and financial situation, and will signpost you to appropriate services and information wherever possible.

·         You can also provide feedback about services that you have used

For Service Providers (free service)

·         CarePlace provides the ability to advertise your services to both members of the public and local authority practitioners

·         List vacancies and pricing information

·         Host brochures or accreditations

·         Link back to your own website for further information

For Local Authorities and Professional Service Practitioners:

·         Depending on CarePlace access agreement:

·         Market management tool for Adults’ and Children’s social care data

·         Ability to utilise eBrokerage for appropriate Adults and Children’s Services

·         CarePlace can act as your primary public-facing advice and information portal to meet the requirements of the Care Act

·         Ability to utilise CarePlace for Events capability which can be used for meetings for mini competitions

·         Ability to publicise Services, Information and Guidance

·         Ability to publish important relevant news items